The Academic Body

$ 39.99

Since the origins of representation, the human body has been a vehicle for a variety of approaches to artistic expression. The Academic Body explores the renewed currency of the classical body—not as a standard, canonical form—but as a fulcrum for contemporary meditations on identity, gender, sexuality, and race. Curated by Mark Robbins and Peter Benson Miller, the diverse group exhibition and this complementary, fully illustrated catalogue (with essays by scholars Mary Beard, Deborah Willis, and Leslie Cozzi) reflect the influences and impact of the American Academy in Rome as a microcosm of American artistic and cultural mores as it approaches its 125th anniversary.

The publication features work by Sanford Biggers (2018 Fellow), Patricia Cronin (2007 Fellow), Daniel Chester French, Stephen Greene (1954 Fellow), Ann Hamilton (2017 Resident), Lyle Ashton Harris (2001 Fellow), Tom Johnson/Adrienne Kennedy, John Kelly (2007 Fellow), Sally Mann, Paul Manship (1912 Fellow), Jessie Marino (2019 Fellow), Beverly McIver (2018 Fellow), Ana Mendieta (1984 Fellow), Wangechi Mutu (2019 Resident), Catherine Opie, Stefan Sagmeister (2019 Resident), Concetta Scaravaglione (1950 Fellow), David Schutter (2016 Fellow), Sissi (2007 Italian Fellow), Giuseppe Stampone (2014 Italian Fellow), Catherine Wagner (2014 Fellow), and Deborah Willis (2019 Resident).